Re: [Circle] Poofs

From: Brian Gray (
Date: 08/06/96

On Mon, 5 Aug 1996, Klaus Greve Fiorentini wrote:

> I've followed the instructions below but they don't work.
> Does anybody has good way off saving poofs?
> The structure player_special_data doesn't exists on st!

  You have to create it!  Just crack open structs.h and put it in.  Not 
player_special_data but player_special_data_saved.  The struct exists, 
all you have to do is add poofin[POOF_LENGTH+1] and poofout[POOF_LENGTH 
+1].  Keep in mind though that as soon as you do your existing pfile 
won't work.  Again, it's not that bad, just convert it to the new 
structures.  It's a simple little script.

 -- Mandy, Coding Director of The Multiplex

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