Re: [Circle] Mob Prog

From: Rob Stewart (
Date: 08/11/96

On Sat, 10 Aug 1996 wrote:

> Just curious, has anyone added the  mobprog patch
> to bpl11? I tried adding it to a brand new cherry
> copy of pl11, I had more errors than anyone would
> want me to post. I tried adding this patch by hand,
> same thing. 
> Just wondering, I am using linux, 1.2.13, and
> gcc version 2.7.0. 

	I'm in dos atm, so this may not be correct.  There are two errors 
that I've found in the patch, one in db.h and structs.h are messed.  They 
have a socket_t where int should be.  A few lines below the socket_t in 
db.h is an error, with a word that should be replaced with void.  Again, 
not in my linux, so It might not be that helpful :)
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