Re: [Circle] Hunting Mobles...?

From: Frag (
Date: 08/11/96

On Sat, 10 Aug 1996, Sliver wrote:

> Ok, I've got hunting mobles going okay, but how would you code the
> following?:
> Once a mob has tracked down it's pray, and has killed it, OR it has
> flead out of the zone, it would return to the place that it was hunting
> from?
> ie, the Big scarry demon is at vnum 10093 and it hunts the player YYY to
> vnum 10048 and YYY recalls, how would I get the big scarry demon to
> return to 10093 instantly after it has lost YYY's tracks?
> It would kinda suck to wander into the enterance to a zone, with a big
> bad quest mob standing there.. :)
> Thanks!
> -- 

Ok well one way is just to tranport him tehre (but u dont want that i sup?)
neway u can easily cheat, all u do is make another "invisible mob ie no 
short desc" and make yer deamon track him back to the place where u want him.

then just add small if ie so it dont kill the guy once its found him.. :)

hope it helps ne..

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