[Circle] [circle] using gdb

From: Frag (frag@earth.global.net.au)
Date: 08/11/96

Hiyas, this might sound pretty lame but i have trouble using gdb :(
well i normally use dbx (but server dont have it) and well im having
some bugs which would not be able to be found wthout a good debugger
(ie bugs i cant c :P).. 
Well i cant really learn gdb as my server has no man page for it (really 
kewl :{) and well the help is not as usefull for larger progs...

neway can ne1 uuencode the man page n mail me ?
(frag@earth.global.net.au) or perhpas just write a couple simple lines
to use gdb with mud running (forget mode but i cant get it to work (jsut 
freezes) the gdb snoop thingy...) :( 

Thanks either way
Frag who wishes his server get's dbx quicker! 9or even lint!!!! :(

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