Re: [Circle] Thief Special Proc

From: Derek Karnes (
Date: 08/12/96

Haddixx wrote:
> Does the theif special procedure work?  I set a mob as a thief and
> he never stole from anyone.  I even removed the !number(0,4) parts
> so he would try every time the special_procedure is called.  To
> me it looks like the special procedure never gets called.  Am I
> doing something wrong?  Help please.
> -Haddixx

For the mob to actually steal cash-

The mob has to be assigned in spec_assign.c and the victim of the mob
has to be of level < LVL_IMMORT and have cash.. Seems to work fine for
me and I haven't changed the spec at all, to my memory.. You could put a
printf in the npc_steal funct to see if it's actually getting called.

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	I need some help with this snippet of code, for some strange 
reason, I cannot get the telnet client into character mode:

void charmode_on(struct descriptor_data *d)
   char *on_string[] = 
      (char) IAC,
      (char) DONT,
      (char) TELOPT_LINEMODE,
      (char) 0,
   SEND_TO_Q(on_string, d);

Where the 'DONT' is I've  tried DO, WILL, WONT, I've also tried to use 

	If someone could help me out, I just need this and charmode_off 
to work so I can put a REAL editor in CircleMUD.  Many, many, thanks in 

	- Sean

Sean Mountcastle
Children aren't happy without something to ignore,
And that's what parents were created for.
		- Ogden Nash
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