[Circle] Re: Moving pfiles between platforms

From: Jim (anderson@nol.net)
Date: 08/13/96

>I have a Circle30bpl11 mud running on my Win95
>box, and want to move all the player files to a freshly
>compiled Circle30bpl11 install on an HP9000. I
>moved the whole lib tree, but when I try to login,
>it recognizes my player-name, but tells me I have
>the wrong password. All other players are treated
>as if it's the first time they've logged on (wants to
>create new characters).

My guess is that the crypt function is different or non-existant on the
win95 platform (or vice-versa) and the two are not compatible. I would scan
the pfile and see if the passwords are in plaintext- if so turn off the
crypt function on the HP9000. Uncomment the line in sysdep.h to achieve

If the crypt function exists on Win95 however- and the HP compiled without
it (unlikely) you're in for a pfile wipe.

Jim Anderson
IMP of Enertopia @ 4000

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