[Circle] Compiler error uner WinNT4.0 using Symantec C++ 7.21 compiler.

From: Ice (ice@novia.net)
Date: 08/13/96

	Heyas All,

	   I am using Symantec C++ Ver 7.1 under Windows NT 4.0 Beta2
	to compile the circle code for patch 11. I've made the changes
	according to the ftp site, to compile under windows, but It looks
	like I'm getting a weird error in interpreter.c, at line 1047.
	Below is an excerpt of the code, and the error message that I'm
	getting during the build. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  /* special in room? */
  if (GET_ROOM_SPEC(ch->in_room) != NULL)
     if (GET_ROOM_SPEC(ch->in_room) (ch, world + ch->in_room, cmd, arg))
      return 1;

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-- Error Message --
Error: c:\temp\circle\circle30\src\interpreter.c(1047): function expected
-- End --

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