Re: [Circle] Infinate levels

From: Galion (
Date: 08/14/96

> Is the a way to make infinate levels in CircleMUD?  By that I mean there
> is no way to be immortal, unless the GODs make you that way.
> Dan Andersen -

   Yup...set an amount of XP needed to reach the next level (you can set 
an amount, or use some sort of equation to set it), and then when they 
level, set there XP to 0, and raise there level, of course adding to 0 
whatever the excess.
   That would be the basics, then you would have to change much awarding XP for kills by level and not by XP..Titles you would 
probably need to get rid of, or change so it's if (level >= certain 
level) title = etc..
   Thac0 would change some as well...


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