Re: [Circle] Coder positions for circle 3.0

From: Linebacker (
Date: 08/15/96

At 05:03 PM 8/15/96 -0400, you wrote:
[funny snip]

>: At least 1 year experience of C coding (no newbies who want to "learn")
>: The ability to test the code off-line on their own machines.  We keep
>  the master-src and we apply the patches to the master.
hmmmm, another one of these, do a bunch of work for us type deals.

[another snip]

>:  A stable site.  We've been up for 1 year and the relationship with
>   our server is strong.
Are you sleeping with your server?

>:  Stable Code.  Our past coders have been some of the best on the net.
Oh my god. __EXTREMELY__ arrogant considering the medium, or shall I say
ignorant. Of course, this makes you ask yourself, Why do they need coders
if they have had the best on the net? hmmmm.

>:  NO attitudes.  The first rule to being an imm on zombie is "This is
>   just a game."
Is this a hypocrisy? 

[same ole %#$@ snipped]

Basically, what I am getting at is quite obvious. 

1) I think it is safe to say those that frequent this list have a project 
   of their own in the works.

2) This type of non-sense belongs on usenet.

3) Don't ever ask someone to take some of their precious time and do some
   work, _FOR FREE_, and then not even give them access to the source. 
   Sheesh, I had rather you call me an asshole.

To those whom this does not apply, sorry for the spam. I can usually let shit
like this blow by, but sometimes it just strikes a nerve. In my personal
and as suported by the rules of the list, I feel this does not belong here,
are newsgroups full of this type of stuff.


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