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From: Linebacker (
Date: 08/16/96

At 04:47 PM 8/15/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Hmm, can someone resend me a messesge from the list that contans the
>character codes for bold colors and the files for inline color with
>the system like: /c08 blah blah /c00... (or tell me where I can get them).
I believe bold was just 7 more than the color ex: \c04 (blue i think)
would be \c11 (bold blue) and then 14 more than the color would be that 
color as a background.

ex: \c11\c04Hello!\c00 would be blue on a blue background I believe (although
you could not see it but you get the point)

If you are using the color code I am using, I believe it was easy_color or
something like that.

I hope this is clear, I am tired and have had a very rough week =(
Good luck,

btw: some files you will have to use \\c04 (i believe all the source files)
or is the text files, I forgot. You will see a compiler warning if you use
the wrong sequence.

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