[Circle] [Code] Loop problem

Date: 08/16/96

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        if (GET_INVIS_LEV(wch))
              sprintf(buf, "%s (i%d)", buf, GET_INVIS_LEV(wch));
            else if (IS_AFFECTED(wch, AFF_INVISIBLE))
              strcat(buf, " (invis)");
            if (PLR_FLAGGED(wch, PLR_MAILING))
              strcat(buf, " (mailing)");
            else if (PLR_FLAGGED(wch, PLR_WRITING))
              strcat(buf, " (writing)");
            if (PRF_FLAGGED(wch, PRF_DEAF))
              strcat(buf, " (deaf)");
            if (PRF_FLAGGED(wch, PRF_NOTELL))
              strcat(buf, " (notell)");
            if (PRF_FLAGGED(wch, PRF_QUEST))
              strcat(buf, " (quest)");
            if (PLR_FLAGGED(wch, PLR_THIEF))
              strcat(buf, " (THIEF)");
            if (PLR_FLAGGED(wch, PLR_KILLER))
              strcat(buf, " (KILLER)");
            if (GET_LEVEL(wch) >= LVL_IMMORT)
              strcat(buf, CCNRM(ch, C_SPR));
            strcat(buf, "\r\n");
            if (GET_LEVEL(wch) >= LVL_IMMORT)
              strcat(Imm_buf, buf);
              strcat(Mort_buf, buf);
        The above is a part of the code from the new_do_who patch. When 
        it executes and runs into a user that is invisible for example, it 
        prints the flags for invisible next to the users name, but then 
        also shows each user following as invisible as well.
        It's acting like it's not clearing buf out between users. Is there 
        a way that I can force it to do that? Sorry for the stupid question 
        cause I know I'm missing something simple here.

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