Re: [Circle] Coder positions for circle 3.0

From: Thomas G. Dailey (
Date: 08/17/96


fuck you chuck.  I'm 28, married have a real life but play and run a mud
for fun.  Why the fuck would I want to pay some coder to code this game
when I didn't pay for the original code in the first place.

And yes this does apply to this list.  I've had several replys from ppl
who say that they've been on the list, they're coders, but have not joined
a mud.  

Do you really think that I would get "quality" ppl from rgmd? 
Where would you go looking for a coder?

Finally,  have you ever seen me post lame ass, give me this code for free
kind of shit? NO!  So take your flame and stick it up your ass.

Your probably more of the typical 14 year old dumb shit who puts a mud up
on some 14.4 linux box...

And to the guy who cc'd me with thanks chuck, next time just post to the
damn group instead of spamming my box...THAT'S not needed.

Tom Dailey
Gore - IMP
ZombieMUD_USA 2150

On Thu, 15 Aug 1996, Linebacker wrote:

> At 05:03 PM 8/15/96 -0400, you wrote:
> >Hello!
> [funny snip]
> >: At least 1 year experience of C coding (no newbies who want to "learn")
> >: The ability to test the code off-line on their own machines.  We keep
> >  the master-src and we apply the patches to the master.
> hmmmm, another one of these, do a bunch of work for us type deals.
> [another snip]
> >
> >:  A stable site.  We've been up for 1 year and the relationship with
> >   our server is strong.
> Are you sleeping with your server?
> >:  Stable Code.  Our past coders have been some of the best on the net.
> Oh my god. __EXTREMELY__ arrogant considering the medium, or shall I say
> ignorant. Of course, this makes you ask yourself, Why do they need coders
> if they have had the best on the net? hmmmm.
> >:  NO attitudes.  The first rule to being an imm on zombie is "This is
> >   just a game."
> Is this a hypocrisy? 
> [same ole %#$@ snipped]
> Basically, what I am getting at is quite obvious. 
> 1) I think it is safe to say those that frequent this list have a project 
>    of their own in the works.
> 2) This type of non-sense belongs on usenet.
> 3) Don't ever ask someone to take some of their precious time and do some
>    work, _FOR FREE_, and then not even give them access to the source. 
>    Sheesh, I had rather you call me an asshole.
> To those whom this does not apply, sorry for the spam. I can usually let shit
> like this blow by, but sometimes it just strikes a nerve. In my personal
> opinion,
> and as suported by the rules of the list, I feel this does not belong here,
> there
> are newsgroups full of this type of stuff.
> Chuck
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