Re: [Circle] Role Playing in CircleMud

From: Raelyn Sweebe (
Date: 08/18/96

well maybe this doesn't belong here either but a friend of mine runs a
heavily mod'd diku called the Forest's edge 23

It is one of the first semi serious role playing diku's I have seena nd he
probably could give you insight into where to start.  I struggled over the
hack and slash issue and decided the best way to handle role play vs hack
and slash is set up the mud so they have somewhat of both options.  Rip out
the stock zones and build new ones.  Now I know this takes time hell I
build every minute I got but in the end it is the little quirks some of
them not even spec code that makes the players enjoy the mud.  Get and
establish a good mob prog code that allows you to have mobs run the quests.

Liek I said I make no ascertainments that this belongs here or not and I
probably should of read the FAQ but I am not the coder type I am more the
admin builder type.

ps.  and yeah I typo a lot when you build as much as me it is nice to not
have to spell check each line when I type something.

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