[Circle] Re: English

From: Linebacker (linebacker@microlink.net)
Date: 08/19/96

>At 12:06 PM 8/19/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, Frag wrote:
>>> Well I as an imp, have came across the rp issue..
>>> N well i had lengthy discussions with many imps, role players etc
>>> n we decided it would be very very very hard to make a good rp
>>> mud, unless u have fuck loads of tim n then well a nice n fast server
>>[rest snipped]
>>Ouch.  Took me two tries to read all the 'net geek shortforms' in this
>>letter.  Ow.  Can we at least try to use the Queen's English?  ie 'you'
>>rather than 'u', 'anyways' rather than 'neways', 'and' rather than 'n',
>>and so forth? (=
>>On a side note... the List FAQ has been updated slightly... there is
>>now a new header tag 'RP', and since everyone is using them and so
>>forth, I expect that it'll be used.  No? (=
>I agree about the English. People, as least have the decency to write legible
>messages. I can deal with typos, but using wot for what and ne1 for anyone,
>sheesh. In your mind that is easy to understand because you are thinking it,
>but someone who is scanning through 75 pieces of mail everyday probably won't
>even take the time to finish reading it. I know I am guilty of shortforms, but
>obvious stuff such as char, imp, cuz, etc..
>my 2 bits,

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