Re: [Circle] Re: English

From: Linebacker (
Date: 08/20/96

[incessant whine snipped]

1) It was quite obvious that the post in question were from someone quite
   fluent in english. Maybe you should know the whole thread before you
   make an ass out of yourself.

2) This happens to be a mailing located on a server IN the UNITED STATES
   hmmm. What language should we use?

3)  We were not bad mouthing anyone. We simply impied that post's using
    such shortform might get more attention otherwise.

4)  As for the Armed forces, yea I spent four years with 3rd ranger bat
    at Ft Benning Georgia, which by the way has nothing was so ever to
    do with anything.

5)  This list is about circle code, problems with circle code, was to improve,
    ways to make this or that more effecient. I do believe criticism would
    definetly be a part of that, it's called 'constructive'.

6)  Of course the list welcomes people from all over the world, but I think
it is 
    safe to say that everyone short of a moron could see that the POSTS IN
    QUESTION were by an english speaking person. How in the hell would a
    person speaking english as a second or third language subsitute NE1 for
    anyone. sheesh.

7)  Please don't try to slant other people's posts in lure of making flames.
Do you ever wonder why the number of posts here keeps declining?

on the nine yo--

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