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From: Niese-Petersen (
Date: 08/20/96

On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, Argus wrote:

> You people all make me sick.  ACK! PUKE!  Some of the people on this 
> mailing list don't know English as a primary language and you are 

English is my second language. But at least I'm trying to make an effort
in writing it right!

> assuming the person who originally posted this message know english 
> as the rest of you children.  That is EXACTLY what you are acting 
Who's the kid ? Think most people on this mailing are more adult than

> like.  I don't know what country any of you are from, nor do I care.  
> But with comments like that you are a disgrace and a discredit to 
> your respective nations.  Assuming that everyone should speak your
> language and write it as well is a horrifing thought.  And then you 

Well.. Lets all write in our own language, and see how far we come with
that.. I for myself really get more outta it, if its in english and not
french or german.

> degrade these people for it?  I bet you are the type of people that 
> if you saw someone of a different race, religion or anything else you 
> would bad mouth them.  Disgusting little Hitlers... :(

Hitlers ???!?!? You little prick! I despise people who call people that name!
I really hope someone will wack you hard on the head!!
> To all of you that are not English speaking and would like to post on 
> this mailing list I, for one would encourage you to do so.
Ofcoz they will. And they will write in english, so they know everyone
on here understand their ideas and thoughts!
> And on behalf of the American population, which I served so proudly 
> in our Armed Forces to keep the rights of those we serve, I 
> appologise for some of the ignorance.  

I really think you need to go back in the service and learn discipline.
> Didn't your parents teach you, "If you can't say anythnig nice, don't 
> say anything at all?" and if Ignorance is bliss, you must be in 
> heaven.

Try listening to those words!

Erik Niese-Petersen
Aka Quint The typo God
Realms of Darkness IMP [ 6666. Playertesting]

PS. As it says.. I am a typo god and proud of it and at least I write
    my typos in english   :)

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