Re: [Circle] Platforms

From: Katzlberger Thomas (
Date: 08/20/96

You wrote:
> Well, If I'm gonna run a mud, I need a platform PReferrably, a free
> one. So could anyone tell me where I could get a copy of Linux. And
> also, could you tell me which Linux files I'll need. I searched the
> net, and all the Linux files are broken up into 'A' disks and so
> forth. It's very confusing.

You can get a copy of LINUX on CD-ROM in most bookstores within a 
book that helps with installation and gives hints. Well it sells 
for the price of that book. Maybe someone on a LINUX newsgroup can 
help you with a better suggestion. But LINUX books are usually on
stock and you can take a look at those books before buying them. 

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