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From: Frag (
Date: 08/20/96

On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, Alex wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, Argus wrote:

> Ok.  Since you have ever so casually grouped me into this group of
> people, I will point out the fact that I asked nicely for him to use
> 'anyways' instead of 'neways' and suchnot.  This albeit is proper
> English and as such I should be shot I guess.  Anyways, my point in
> saying this is that if people use 'warez' speak, they are *never*

Aren't you slightly hipocritical ?? (how ever you spell it)
For your information my "talk" has nothing to do with warez, and by no
means does it matter to you.. I have stated that i will not use my 
abbreviations for words incase people cannot read, but this i sgeting out
of hand..

I asume you run a mud or are at least assocaied with a few so I ask you this
when you have 10 people asking you questions do you really spend the time
to use proper punctuation ? and insetad of saying anyone , isnt it easier 
and more conviniant to write ne1 ? come on ??

I get around 160+ messages in my mbox, and I try to at least read
the interesting ones and perhaps contribute my thoughts if i feel they 
might add an intelligent outlook..
> going to be able to spell in English, and it is a point of note that
> the Internet runs on English in general, mostly because it is the
> most predominant language in the world (Chinese aside).  I'm not
> assuming that he will be able to have perfect sentence structure,
> hell, I don't, you don't, nobody I personally know does in fact.
> I also didn't degrade him for it, I merely suggested that the use of
> actual words as compared to 'warez'-speak would be much easier for
                               ^^^^^^^^^^^ warez speak, (well unless all the
mudders i know are pirates and so forth its really strange..
> people on the list to understand and so forth.  And it is true that
> most people have difficulty reading mail full of 'u' and 'neways'
> and so forth.
> I certainly don't appreciate being called a Hitler either since I
> fell that in no way am I anywhere similar to him (hell, I can't even
> paint which he could do quite well (= ), so in future I would suggest you
> be a little more careful in how you phrase things.
> If people want to post in another language on the list, by all means,
> they can go ahead, but it is suggested that they post in English merely
> because they are more likely to be understood.
> > And on behalf of the American population, which I served so proudly 
> > in our Armed Forces to keep the rights of those we serve, I 
> > appologise for some of the ignorance.  
> The last time the US Armed Forces have has to 'defend their country's
> rights' was in the War of Independance.  Some 200+ years ago if I
> recall correctly.  This isn't an all american list.  In fact, close
> to 50% of the members on the list aren't even Americans.
> > Didn't your parents teach you, "If you can't say anythnig nice, don't 
> > say anything at all?" and if Ignorance is bliss, you must be in 
> > heaven.
> Yes, parents do say that, but Ignorance may be bliss, but if someone
> isn't understood, and if their mail is deleted because of the excessive
> use of corrupted english terms, then they should be told why they aren't
> getting many responses.  I tried to do that.  It appears that in trying
> to help someone out (which I cc'd to the list intentionally so that anyone
> else who uses those terms might know as well), I became a Hitler.  Well
> so be it.  I'm Hitler.  Big Fucking Deal.  Hitler!  Hitler!  Hitler!
Well you will notice i have cut down =) point taken, but I really think
It should have been a personal message, so you dont get people stirred up,
and ididotic responses like..

When I see things like that i dont read, hey does this really worrie 
anyone else ? I think we are big boys/girls now so we can make our own mind
> That's all I'm saying on this subject now since I've said what needed to
> be said and then defended myself from an accusation of Racism, Languagism,
> and so forth.

I hope ths the last of this thread, I am sorry if my language offends peopel
but when you are in a hurry (i have better things to do that spell check 
and grammar check my mail) then you dont really consider these things,,

Anyway I hope there is no hard feelings hey! =)

Frag the truly uncomprehendable! (spelt worng)

n = and
ne1 = anyone
tot = thought
ne = any
wot = what

feel free to add :) (Another point it saves valuable badwidth :) (which 
this thread has watsed)

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