RE: [Circle] Re: Copyright info, Moderated?, Ettiquette!,

From: Jeff Burrell (
Date: 08/20/96

>For starters, in the United States, you cannot be penalized for any copyright
>violations if you do not benefit (make money) from using the material. That is
>why muds have mostly escaped the recent policing on the net. Look at the fire
>usenet is under, usenet is full of copyright violations, hell you can download
>the entire playboy issue if you want.

This is only partially true.  You will not be required to 
compensate the copyright holder for their losses due to 
your copyright infringement.  Their losses are nothing when 
you don't make money from them.  You can be liable for 
punative damages, however.  And punative damages are usually 
the big money in any lawsuit.
On the plus side, they have to order you to "Cease and Desist" before
they can sue you.  If you do stop, you probably won't be sued.

>There are a good many muds out there using TSR/Forgotten Realms/Dragonlance
>and copyrighted materials. Hell, probably the most popular mud on the net, I
>say the name, reads like an RA Salvatore book. (title, city, areas)

That's mostly because the people with the lawyers don't 
know about these muds.  If they don't try to protect their
copyright from infringement, they will lose their copyright.
This means that they will have to sue anyone who is using 
their copyrighted material without their approval.
Many companies will approve your use of their material if you ask,
because any publicity is good publicity.

>than what I have to do, as I am making no money running a mud (it is
>actually costing me).

As indicated above, your revinue is only relevant in showing how much
money the copyright holder lost.  Punitive damaged are determined
by the court.


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