[Circle] CODE (sorry bout the earlier one or two) :)

From: jubjub (jubjub@cjnetworks.com)
Date: 08/21/96

To start off, if you have seen this before (I've had some problems
remembering email addreses) :) I apologize.  Anyway, here are my
   I still have a few questions about that ''s in the spalls (the Magic
Symbals) :)  I got it to where it doesn't give you an error, but you
still need to put a ' after the spell, or it thinks that when you type
"cast harm janitor" it looks for the spell harm janitor, thus causing a
problem on spells that have a target(offensive, etc.)  Anyone, if any of
you know how I could make the code look for the last word in the command
to get the mob, or if there is some other way I could make the parser
recognize when the spell ends and the victim field begins, please email
me a response.
   Also, I am, unfortunately, not a great c-coder.  If someone could
please wrtie up and send me a piece of code that I could look at for
refence, I would appreciate it.  I need the code to be something about
starting a timer when you die, and not letting you move for that time. 
Sounds kinda simple, but it's just a starter.  Anyway, if you want to
help on one of these topics, I encourage you to just email me, as there
has began to be a LOT of stuff on the list now and I'm sure my questions
are the kind a lot of people could answer anyway, so there is no need to
fill up their mailbox with replies.  Please just emial
jubjub@cjnetworks.com.  Thank you
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