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From: Franco (
Date: 08/21/96

        I agree with this man whole-heartedly. However, on the flip side
of the coin...If you don't like any attitude here, just get the hell off
and quit bitching.

At 07:13 PM 8/19/96 +0000, you wrote:
>You people all make me sick.  ACK! PUKE!  Some of the people on this 
>mailing list don't know English as a primary language and you are 
>assuming the person who originally posted this message know english 
>as the rest of you children.  That is EXACTLY what you are acting 
>like.  I don't know what country any of you are from, nor do I care.  
>But with comments like that you are a disgrace and a discredit to 
>your respective nations.  Assuming that everyone should speak your
>language and write it as well is a horrifing thought.  And then you 
>degrade these people for it?  I bet you are the type of people that 
>if you saw someone of a different race, religion or anything else you 
>would bad mouth them.  Disgusting little Hitlers... :(
>To all of you that are not English speaking and would like to post on 
>this mailing list I, for one would encourage you to do so.
>And on behalf of the American population, which I served so proudly 
>in our Armed Forces to keep the rights of those we serve, I 
>appologise for some of the ignorance.  
>Didn't your parents teach you, "If you can't say anythnig nice, don't 
>say anything at all?" and if Ignorance is bliss, you must be in 
>telnet: 7777
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