[Circle] Roleplaying

From: Chi Hoai Tran (necro@progsoc.uts.edu.au)
Date: 08/21/96

   When I first mentioned my idea of roleplaying, I was hoping people
wouldnt go on a tangent and drastically change the system.  I like the
diku system - that is why I chose the code - and when I mentioned that
I want more roleplaying into the mud, I meant I require more lateral
   By this I have to give an example of some of the system I have
implemented on my mud.  A character can simply walk into a room and hack
and slash a TOUGH mob and spend yonks of time on it and will finally
succeed.  However, for the true expert mudder, they will attack the mob
and flee, running to another BIG mob that casts area spells in the hope of
the two mobs ending up attacking each other instead.  This is the kind of
thinking I meant when I refer to roleplaying.
   I have seen some of magic users scribing fireball scrolls, and then
summons a friendly mob (monster summoning) and ordering the mob the recite
the scrolls against some other mob.  That way, a mage that is normally too
weak to attack directly is now buffered by the charmed mob, with the mob
having the extra fireball power!
   However, I realise alot of my emphasis is on fighting, and that is
where I wanted to add quests in as well which require a different type of
thinking.  And with my request for coders to upload their areas with
spec_procs, this will not create a multitude of other muds having the same
areas - all you really require is the IDEA as well as the spec_procs and
then merely modify it to suit your area.
   Dont get me wrong - I am not criticising your definition of
roleplaying - however, I love the diku mudding system.  All I want is to
spice it up a bit.

  Horus,   Dark Realms @ ftoomsh.socs.uts.edu.au 5000

<====> I ask again, WHAT IS ROLEPLAYING ANYWAYS??? <====>

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