[Circle] [Very Newbie] A Q about spells

From: collins (collins@raptor.eznets.canton.oh.us)
Date: 08/21/96

This goes specifically to Franco, but anyyone else that knows what I'm
talking about, feel free to answer.

Those spells I got from the snippets page (Fear, Disinegrate, etc), I feel
very stupid asking this, but what do I do with what you give me?!?! 

Where do I Copy and Paste this? Then how do I make commands, and how do I
assign a spell to certain classes, and AAAHH!!

You get the picture, right? Hopefully....

Boy, did that make me feel embarrassed. I'm just to damn lazy to open my
editor and look, but it probably wouldn't do any good for me.



                            "Golf and narcotics don't mix, stupid!"
                                  Wise Words from J #732

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