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Date: 08/21/96

At 09:51 PM 8/20/96 -0700, you wrote:
>I always laugh
>when I see people who have no idea how to use the term "bandwith" correctly.
>This mailing list
>in no way wastes any of your "bandwith". It only wastes space on your hard
>        I see mailing ques go out with hundreds of messages, and they don't
>even come close 
>to denting the bandwith of the machine they are sent from, in this case
>mailing list machine. 
>It moreso takes more drive space on the machine that this list posts from
>than bandwith. Try a
>newsfeed for newsgroups. Now there is a bandwith hog..over 3 mb/min where I
>work, for only 4000
Bandwidth is merely a measure of the data transfer capacity of the line, and
someone refers to wasting bandwidth it simply means 'wasting there time waiting
for the stuff to donwload'.

Those connected via analog are primarily the ones that would even notice a
for those of as at 1.54 megabits and greater (or even ISDN for that matter)
notice a sub 100K text file.

All lines have a limited rate of data transfer with fiber optic topping out
at a max
of 3.5 gigabits/sec (virtually unlimited with today's need)


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