[Circle] Coders Wanted

From: John C. A. Bambenek, Esq. (bambenek@alecto.physics.uiuc.edu)
Date: 08/21/96

I realize that this list has been inundated with coder request, but I 
need a coder or three.

Looking for an experienced coder to assist me in several projects.  In 
most cases, I have examples of the _type_ of code to be used, or a 
general format for the god.  I am running 3.0 bpl 11 BTW.  

The general concept of this MUD is going to be role-playing, and I have 
the format of the system to do it already.  It doesn't change Diku too 
terribly much either.

The coder will get access to the shell to change the test code, and will 
have an admin character on the MUD when it opens to the public.  Not much 
else to say, but if you do good, I treat you good.  Simple as that.

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