Re: [Circle] Really kewl idea

From: Amy & Ryan Biggs (
Date: 08/21/96

>Yea, great idea. I have MOB_UNDEAD now but I added it primarily to expand
>the skills
>and spells of my priest/cleric/druid classes. I never thought about the
>flag, good idea. (or maybe add a SILVER flag for hurting vampires etc..)

The system I am using is that all mobs (and players) have a 'body type' and
this will dteermine a feew things.  #1. Are they succeptable to certain
spells (those zombie mobs will be just as affected as a PC vampire when it
comes to TURN UNDEAD)  #2 Are they able to wear certain armor (all armor
has a 'body type' flag....and as such, you can only buy armor for your body
type.  I know that undead isn't a real 'type' but you could just say that
the construction requires different metals for undead)  #3 Are they
succeptable to ceertain object affects (iee. all A's in object extras will
now have a "vs." modifier.  So, you can have  just theee normal ones, which
apply the character at all times, and the "vs." ones which will only occur
if the player is fighting something of that type.  for example, +3 damroll
vs. undead gives a bonus +3 when fighting undead)  #4 What material types
they are succeptable to (All iteems have a 'mateerial' bit in them that
says what they are made of.  So, a silver weapon will do more damage to a
were creature, cold iron more to a faerie....YOu get the idea)

#3 & #4 are still in the planning stages, so don't expect working code from
them :P  The first 2 are eeasy to implement.

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