[Circle] Linux Travails

From: Jeeves (philipe@[
Date: 08/22/96

I can't seem to get my Linux system to believe that I have an 
internal modem on cua0. I have recompiled the kernel several times, 
making sure to select proper options, and have re-run the setup 
program many times as well. The 'dip' program (yes, I use SLIP) 
always reports a negative number error code if I try running my login 
script, and if I try to login interactively, I get error code 3 after 
I dial the number. Dip's documentation says that error code 3 means 
"BUSY". But I *know* the server wasn't busy at the time I was 
dialling. No other terminal programs will use the modem at all. I 
have checked the IRQs also. Perhaps someone out there will have an 
answer (my floppy drive doesn't work either, but of the two problems, 
I'd rather try to get the modem problem solved).


How, exactly, does one go about coding different character-spoken 
languages? I don't want code, I just want to know the general 


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