[Circle] Another of those thingy-bobbers

From: collins (collins@raptor.eznets.canton.oh.us)
Date: 08/22/96

Mainly to Alex, but also to people who care,

You know those things that we put in our subject boxes (like [Newbie], etc)
Well, I can't really remember the name of those but (on the tip of my
tounge), I just thought of another one.

::trumpets sounds::


For all those letters about using Linux, or how to run it on Win95, or
compling on Unix or whatever the hell you need to talk about concerning
systems, platforms, and clients.

My 2 cents!                             @
 Damn...I'm almost broke!                       @

     "Playing Rugby (or Football) in your underwear isn't very smart, stupid!"
                                   Wise Words from J #406

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