Re: [Circle] [NEWBIE] Running Under Win95

From: Ian Stephenson (
Date: 08/22/96

In message <>, Mike Prior
<> writes
> > > This has totally eluded can I run this under Win95, or
> > > anyone suggest another platform?
> Get Linux - it's free!
Some of us just don't wanna learn
Unix/Linux and also don't wanna use up part of our machines or buy a
>new machine for running the MUD if we can use stuff we already have. 

>You're just wasting your time and everyone elses
>with posts like this.  As a Windows man, please stop them...

Hear here.  I tried setting up Linux a while back, and gave up in the
end 'cos it wouldn't play ball with my SCSI devices.  And, yes, I've
used Unix before in a commercial environment under various platforms.
So I got MSVC++, and it's excellent for my requirements, AND I can
compile/run the MUD at home in between using other things like MS-Word
without having to switch O/S.

However, if I wanted others to have internet access to my MUD, I
wouldn't use Win95.  I can't comment on WinNT, 'cos I don't know it, but
as the guys who designed VMS have designed NT, the security side of
things should be pretty good given a decent setup.

Saying that, if I had the time and resources to set up a newly designed
MUD, on a newly configured dedicated Linux box, I would probably have a
bash.  I don't, so I won't.

Ian Stephenson
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