Re: [Circle] Docs?

From: Linebacker (
Date: 08/22/96

At 02:46 AM 8/22/96 -0500, you wrote:
>       I am trying to do some custom programing for my mud, like
>spec_procs, ect... BUT the coding manual i have doesnt go into ANY
>functions like DO_Whatever, what calls are used in the mud ect... How
>can i find this out?
>John Buwa
Well, the only answer is study the code and learn with time. (it 
really doesn't take long at all though). I good pointer is to look
for some code already in the mud that does something similiar to 
what you want to do, and cut and paste and modify. Look at all the
GET_XX and other macros and things will start to become clearer.

I am assuming by coding manual you mean coding.doc which is yet
unfinished. A general knowledge of C is required in my opinion
to do anyting with the code.


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