[Circle] [SEMI-ADMIN] Please read this...

From: Alex (fletcher@cspo.queensu.ca)
Date: 08/22/96

Don't you people *ever* read the FAQ?  Let me quote for you.

>From Question 1:

> Common netiquette rules apply on the list, especially those related
> to flaming, advertising, quoting, slang, and large sig files.  Flames
> are not welcome on the list itself.  If you feel the need to flame
> someone, please send it to them only.  Commercial advertising is also
> not welcome on the list.  If you feel the need to advertise your mud,
> start the subject with [AD].  When quoting previous pieces of mail,
> only quote what is needed, do not quote the entire message, that just
> wastes bandwidth and the readers' time.  Also, sig files should be
> kept to a minimum if at all possible.  Finally, discussions on the use
> of the English language are no longer welcome (ditto for calling
> people Hitler), and these 'offenses' will result in a removal from the
> list with a piece of form mail explaining why.

Note the section on 'quoting' in particular.  Over the last few days,
people have been sending one line messages with about 3 pages of quoted
material, most of which isn't even relevant to what they are posting

And from question 6 (I believe):

> (4) If you still must make an offtopic posting to the list, at least
>     include an 'ObCircle:' section containing something related to
>     CircleMUD.

C'mon folks, this is a CircleMUD list.  Geez. (=

It ain't all *that* hard to remember to cut a bit of text here and there
and to make your posts worthwhile, is it now?

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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