[Circle] Old C Compiler: Can I Force It To Compile My MUD?

From: Jeeves (philipe@[
Date: 08/23/96

I am developing my mud on a 133mhz PC running Linux and Win95. I have 
been developing in Win95, largely due to the fact that almost all 
text editors (save jed) seem to put ^M at the end of every line. 
(There's a fix for this, I know, but I haven't been able to get it to 

The trouble, then, is:

Is it possible to compile CircleMUD 3.0bpl11 with MS Visual C++ 1.52?
I tried once, and I got so many errors that the compiler stopped. I 
suspect it has something to do with the long file names, but is there 
any way I can change them to make this work?

If not, then I need the MS-DOS version of tar (assuming there is 
one...I have MS-DOS gzip, so there should be a tar). The problem is 
porting the source files I've been modifying in Win95 over to the 
Linux partition; I'll lose all my filenames if I don't tar the files 
first. Gzip's docs say that it works on zip files (I have every 
program that creates zipfiles in existence), but only if they have a 
single file in them. Hmph.

If I could solve the modem problem, I'd use Linux full-time. But as 
it is, to get online I have to use Win95, because it, unlike linux, 
believes me when I say "there IS a modem on COM1(/dev/cua0)!" Someone 
mailed to me saying that if it's a plug-and-play modem, I would have 
to "initialize it". How does one go about doing that? And will it 
solve the problem?

Thanks be to the members of the Circle Mailing List.

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