[Circle] Wierd stuff with prompts....

From: Rob Stewart (ao134@freenet.toronto.on.ca)
Date: 08/24/96

	Ok, I'm working on a configurable prompt system.  It reads the 
users input in do_display in act.other.c.  Lets say our prompt will be, 
&nprompt&r> (using &'s as HP & MV config'd)..  make_prompt searches 
through this char by char, and picks out and undecodes the &n and &r and 
your end result is HPpromptMV>.  When I type save, it turns into 
.@HP.@p.@r.@o.@m.@p.@t.@MV.@> ..  This might be easier with the actual 
code.  If you think you might know the prob, lemme know, or if you think 
you could answer me, but don't know wtf I'm talking about, mail me and 
I'll include the code.  Thank yew.

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