Re: [Circle] [World] Weather

From: Chris Ryan (
Date: 08/24/96

>   Just wondering about how I can control weather in certain zones. Like
> in rain in one area, while it being blazing hot in another, and having it
> snow in
> another zone. It wouldn't make sense to be in a artic desert while it
> raining, would it?
> -J
Just an idea on this note. It would be cool to have weather effect a person
and what happens to them!

- Rain Snow Lightning ect... do nothing just there for looks (as is now)
- Heat or long dry spells ie drought person gets thirsty faster
- Hail or blizzard person looses 1 hp every x num of ticks being exposed
(good to have a protection spells and other spells of the sort like heat.


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