Re: [Circle] [LAG] Priority ageing, optimization, ... ?

From: Franco (
Date: 08/24/96

        First of all, you cannot test this out over a modem. The machine
that is 
sending the ping needs to be hooked up also to a fast link (isdn, 10bt,
ect). And
the ping packet size that needs to be sent should be around 10mb, with a
within there. I've run this through all types of routers, most being sisco, and
since most machines hooked to a fiberoptic link will go through a router
that doubles
as a 10bt hub, the router should not be a factor.
        Beware, I've found that if you continue the ping for more than about
5 min
MCI or USWORST will call yer ass up and tell you to knock it off.


At 03:21 PM 8/24/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>         This is evident when one flood pings a machine that is hooked up
>> with a 1.5 mbit or faster link to a t1 or greater (ie this will crash the
>> machine, or lag it to a stop if done right)
>Well, I dunno about this... just to test this out, I connected to my 
>machine using OS/2's TCP/IP via my modem, started an FTP transfer, and 
>used a big ping data size (I think around 16K).  It obviously slowed up 
>my file transfer, but not by as much as you would expect - in theory, it 
>should go FTP/ping/FTP/ping/FTP/ping... but it didn't.  It did FTP 16 
>times, THEN ping (which was okay, since the packet size for FTP was 1K or 
>so).  In other words, it creatively shuffled to produce a bigger delay on 
>ping than it gave on FTP.  Seems to me that this is a pretty low-priority 
>process, at least on OS/2.  Does this mean that the OS/2 TCP/IP is 
>better-quality than SunOS', Linux', IRIX', HPUX'... or any others?
>Well, pings to T1 host might be sent to the router, which could very 
>well be lower-quality than the OS running elsewhere on the network.  Or 
>it might be that the flood of packets (which are sent no matter what) 
>causes some kind of routing impossibility.  There's a whole lot of 

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