Re: [Circle] Buried Items

From: Jerry Gilreath (
Date: 08/25/96

After seeing the posts here, I was inspired to write buried items for
AstroMUD... here's what I did:

made a BURIED flag for the item
if a player looks at the room, it does not show up on the object list.
if a player digs, it digs up the first buried object it finds in the room
if a player buries an object, a BURIED flag is appended to the ITEM flags,
and the object is removed from the players inventory and placed in the room
(on the ground)
a player has to have a ITEM_SHOVEL to dig or bury.
digging puts the player into a wait state, and the shovel must be HELD.
(this is a deterrent as a shovel should have NEGATIVE affect.)

now objects are "stored" just like any other dropped item.. on the floor. 
(BTW, an IMP sees (Buried) beside the item so they know it's buried.. but
they can't pick it up unless they dig.

Using this method, an item can be OLC'd into te game to load buried (ie: a
burried pirate treasure, whatever).

Only one problem.. hehe.. I forgot to make it so mobs don't pick up the
buried objects.. oops. guess I should fix that eh?

Jerry ( Gk.. )
Imp AstroMUD ( 2447)
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Precedence: bulkI'm adding a bury routine although it was only for corpsed I may

just incorporate support for items in it too. One thing to note is a
flag I added which is ROOM_NO_BURY, which is for those rooms that being
able to bury corpses/items in would be rather silly. For example trying
to bury an item on the floor of a stone temple would be fruitless or
even trying to bury an item in a lava pit :)

-- Curtiss
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