[Circle] Seg Fault in DO_SHOW

From: Matthew Mccheyne JENSEN (mjensen@hardy.ocs.mq.edu.au)
Date: 08/26/96

well this is my first post to the list so bare with me!

i am getting a seg fault in the do_show function when i call it with the
zones argument.. i wont post the code because its strait circle mud 3 bp 11

the funny thing is, when i specify a zone some of them work (i cant pick an
sort of pattern), and some of them give a seg fault, the function load_zones
has not been modifed since bpl 8 (this could be the problem...)

i also tried the standard area files... same result

what else can i say.. the rest of the code has been changed, it happened
when i did SOMETHING... can anyone suggest something for me to check out?


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Has anybody managed to create a system activity graph for Circle yet?

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