[Circle] [LINUX] C++ debugger in Linux? (fwd)

From: Mark McArthey (mcarthey@mfa.com)
Date: 08/27/96

Hi all,

I am forwarding this message from a friend.
Any help?

 Mark McArthey          `  _ ,  '   
 mcarthey@execpc.com   -  (o)o)  -  

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Do any of you know any good debuggers I can use in Linux
that will properly debug programs made with g++?  I tried
gdb, but it gets hopelessly lost trying to figure out what
is in a class.  It treats it like a struct and cannot find
any of the members inside it.

One last thought...
I made my source program a .c file instead of a .cpp file,
might this have something to do with it?

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