[Circle] [SYSTEM] The Marvels of My Boot Record Etc...

From: Jeeves (philipe@[
Date: 08/28/96

After coding for several hours on another project, I remembered that 
I was going to post a message to this list regarding the compiler 
errors I got when attempting to compile my mud under Linux. So, I 
CTRL-ALT-DEL'd my machine to restart it (it was in win95), and at the 
"LILO", I pressed the left shift key, and at the "boot: " prompt, I 
typed "linux", as I usually do when booting into The Operating System.
Sadly, Linux never made it to my screen. After following the steps 
above, "Loading linux......" appeared on my screen - and nothing 
further (usually it goes through a whole slew of loading messages).
The system was completely hung (the only keys that did not rebuke me 
with a beeping noise were the CTRL, ALT, and DEL keys (interestingly 
enough). So I restarted my computer and tried again several times, 
resulting in the same system lockup every time. I am at a complete 
loss for an explanation; I do not habitually edit my master boot 
record. Does anyone know how I can boot into linux (Alas, I have no 
boot disks, the last one accidentally formatted while making a 
backup)? Does anyone know what might be going on?


I plan to re-code all of CircleMUD 3.0bpl11 into FORTRAN. If anyone
would like to help, please email me (philipe@basix.com). Coders that
already know FORTRAN are preferred. Also, would this project violate
the License Agreement? 

Creator/IMP/Builder of CalaisMUD (under development)
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