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From: Jerry Gilyeat (
Date: 08/31/96

John C. Dodds wrote:
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> > From: Leonard Burns IV <>
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> > Subject: [Circle] [CODE] EQ Positions
> > Date: Friday, August 30, 1996 6:01 PM
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> > I've added a few new eq postions on my mud, like ears and ankles, what
> I've tried to do is change the order
> > that the eq is listed when you type 'eq' in the mud, i changed all the
> references in constants.c and in
> > act.item.c, which resulted in the eq being on weird places, like wearing
> an anklet on your wrists, or an
> > earring on your leg, is there a way to do this without having to change
> the ITEM_WEAR bitvectors?
> > --
> > Leonard Burns IV
> >
> look in act.item.c:
> find the void perform_wear(.....
>  int wear_bitvectors[] = {
>         all of these bitvectors have to correspond to the eq positions listed when
> you type eq
> ex.
> head
> eyes
> face
> neck
> neck
> ......
> would be
> ITEM_WEAR_NECK, ......
> if these correspond correctly you shouldn't have any problems
> also make sure messages are in the correct order

What he's describing is: he's changed all that from stock, I didn 
something similar on mine...Anyways, one solution would be to write a 
converter to convert all of the .obj files to the new format.
Or you could just nuke the whole world and start from scratch, or just 
sit down and ttry to find every obj in the game and do it by hand (this 
is VERY tedious and time consuming, but works)

any other suggestions as to how to avoid this sort of thing?
> you are already wearing something on your ....etc.
> and such
> that should work if you have any more questions mail me and I will help if
> I can.
> John

Caendar Ciandorin
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