[idea] Thoughts on vehicle code.

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@polarnet.com)
Date: 09/01/96

I am currently working on implementing vehicles on my mud. Any
thoughts/suggestions are more than welcome!

Vehicle Info
0: Vehicle Type 
 	Max Fuel
	Fuel Type
	Terrain type indicator
            Max ammo carryable
            Max weight carryable (not including passengers)
            Max passengers (including driver)
1: Weapon Type (same as ranged weapons)
2: Amount of Weapon Ammo
3: Current Fuel

Fuel container
0: Fuel Type
1: Max Fuel
2: Current Fuel
3: Weight of one unit of fuel.

I see it working this way..

 Player gets a car.. car can contain 4 people, has no weapon, and
 can carry 1ton of extra equipment not including people.. Uses fuel
 type gas.. gas weighs 7 lbs/unit Uses one unit/square.. Movement
 cost 1/room for driver 0/room for passengers

 1st player to sit car is the driver.. everyone else who sits in the car
 is a passenger.. note this does not affect the group.. just passengers
 in the car.. non-drivers cannot move unless they exit the car.



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