Re: [NEWBIE] [CODE] Some questions for newbie imps

From: The Chuckster (
Date: 09/04/96

> 1. anybody got a code for 2nd and 3rd attack? it was not included in v3.0

look at perform_violence, it is real easy to implement, just add checks like
if GET_SKILL(ch, SKILL_2ATTACK) > 0 then hit again or whatever
(you must have properly added the skill 2ATTACK in spell_parser.c spells.h
and constants.c (I believe that all)

> 2. how about remorting? after level 30, they get to pick another class and
>    start at level 1 but all the skills/spells they've learned are still 
>    there.

> 3. also how do i put some level res. in my objs?
little more complicated (I will try and put together a doc)

> 4. how do i increase my max_level to 40?

files involved class.c magic.c structs.h
> 5. uhmm, about the bash thing? how could i remove the "leave that to martial
>    arts thing"? without dangering the code.\
grep for that string and change accordingly
> 6. err, and the dt, i don't want it to get auto_junk.
look in config.c
> 7. do you guys have some spec_procs to share? mob which is a cleric, or
>    does acid? 
there is a cleric.c on the ftp site (look at the site in the header below)
> 8. also, when bashing, when it fails, i don't want my players to hafta stand
>    up to fight.
remove GET_POSTITION(ch) = POS_SITTING (or whatwever) from that function
> 9. anyone downloaded the beta for 3.0? ther'es a problem in thalos, the
>    nomad merchants don't wanna fight. already changed the room and there
>    bitvectors.
can't help ya there, don't use ststock areas


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