Re: Question for you...

From: jeremy elson (
Date: 09/05/96

    I hope this is the same Jeremy Elson who wrote CircleMud.

Indeed it is.

    I am thinking of writing a book on how to start a mud.  I was 
    wondering if I could use the CircleMud code base for the book? I have 
    been using it for years and I am most comfortable with it. (besides 
    it's tried and true).  What do you think?  I'll break the code 
    down, so folk know what things are doing and how to manipulate for 
    "add-on's".  Also a little on how to make it run under Linux and 
    Win95 (and maybe OS/2 and Amiga if I can get a couple more machines)

    Well what do you think?  I am not looking to make a great deal a 
    money off this little venture, I want more to make the world of 
    Mudding a little better known.

Sounds find to me, and I'd be happy to support it.  Do you mean a real 
book (i.e. something you'd find in a bookstore) or an on-line document?

I'm sure you'd find a lot of people in the CircleMUD community who'd be 
happy to help out if it is a "print" book.  The CircleMUD Mailing List is 
a good place to start --


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