Re: [code] Newbie Equipment

From: James Rackley (
Date: 09/05/96

Hmmm well since I never could find anything like that myself I just added 
into the 3063 room zone to load a newbie bag then put all newbie eq into it!

To cut down on the spam tho so far i have it set to just load a max of 6 
of these bags and in the DESC of the bag it asks newbies to get all bag 
then to junk it that way a new refreshed one would load into the room.

So until I or we find someway to automatically give newbies EQ thats the 
way I am going to do it. :)

On Wed, 4 Sep 1996, Rick Baker wrote:
> Just started up a new mud and running it myself. Was wonderin if anyone has
> written anything to give out basic newbie equip instead of the normal
> donation room. Kinda like a lever they can pull to get some newbie stuff.
> Most players that are coming on are new to it and they keep leaving the
> donation room empty..and its a pain to have to put newbie things in it all
> the time.

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