Re: [SYSTEM] Circle under FreeBSD

From: Project Leader McCoy (
Date: 09/09/96

On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, Alex wrote:

> Hi. Someone I know is trying to get Circle 2.20 (I think) to compile under
> FreeBSD of some sort and says it doesn't work. Anyone know the problem?

This is probably because processes are running slowly due to a weak power 
supply.  I suggest getting a new one.  There have also been several 
serious Internet outages across the nation, because Bob's tie is in 
in the printer and if they try to print anything, Bob will be in the 
printer too.

<humming "Unforgettable" softly>

> Thanks!

Any time.

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From: Per Nielsen <>
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Subject: Deep Trouble
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 96 00:22:00
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Hej Per
Da jeg var til Datanom kursus i gaar loeb jeg ind i nogle problemer som jeg
haabede at kunne loese efter timen, men da var adgangen til Datarummene
spaerret saa jeg maa enddu en gang paakalde mig din hjaelp.
Problemet er at jeg har proevet at compile en ny kode som giver en
uforklarlig fejl jeg ikke har her hjemme.

Loesnigen skulle vaere denne.
Staa i circle direktoratet. Skriv foelgende :
mv src src.old
tar xfv src.tar
mv src/interpreter.* src.old
mv src.old src
cd src

Hvis du stadig faar en compilerfejl i interpreter.h linie 20 Goer da

cd src
rm *.o
cd ..
tar cf src2.tar src
rm -r src
tar xfv src.tar
gzip src.tar
gzip src2.tar
cd src

Problemet er faktisk at jeg er kommet til at slette circle-executen og den er
defor noed til at blive compilet igen.

Faar du problemer med ovenstaaende er mit nummer 66119060 foer kl. 16.00, og
derfter 66118448 ext 213.
 Paa forhaand tak.

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