Kinda bug problem.

From: Homer Simpson (
Date: 09/10/96

Hi all,
       After mucking around with a new character in my mud recently I
found what could be a big problem. As we all know whenever a char levels
they get extra HP, Mana, Moves and pracs. But if they die and loose a
level they dont loose those HP etc that they just gained. So a sneaky
player could just get to level 2. Then get killed by something that will
drop his/her exp below level 2 number and loose a level. Then keep do this
over and over, getting heaps of HP, Mana, etc. Has anyone worked out a way
to stop this happening? I though of adding a new variable for Max HP, mana
and moves, which would hold the stats from the chars previous level. Then
when a player dies these values are set for the current. However I havn't
worked out how to remove pracs, as players could spend their pracs after
leveling and then die and relevel again. :(

Any ideas?


aka Fionn Colvin :)
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