Re: DOH! arcives or sending me a copy.

From: Admin of The Keep (
Date: 09/10/96

On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, Terry Valladon wrote:

> I hade a HD crash and lost all my mail, I need to know where the messages
> are arcived or have someone forword me a copy of the message about how to
> add spells, I know it started like this.
> OK, OK, Ill bite the bullet for you newbies and tell you how to add new spells, 
> or somthing like that... I NEED THIS FILE. also can someone point me to a
> file that explanes all of the $N $n and stuff for the ACT. I need these also....

The latter is included with CircleMUD.  It's in docs/OLD_DOCS.  Probably
comm.doc...  if not that, it should be fairly easy to find.


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