From: annick elziere (aveae@postoffice.ptd.net)
Date: 09/11/96

attack code, check to make sure mob is alive, you are still
fighting and so on.  But that is not the problem, I take a char
with fourth attack that does 80 points of damage per hit and
attack welmar, and after two rounds(wich he isent close to dead)
the mud crashes, now if i go attack something with 0 dam the
mud is fine and doesent crash or anything.
    I was wondering if anyone knows if this is just some kinda
problem with me running under win95 for testing and if this
wont happen once i get the mud under a unix type system?
    Something wierd is going on and i just cant figure it out:(

if anyone else out there is running under win95, do you have a 
similar problem?

                                     hope someone can help?

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