From: jubjub (
Date: 09/12/96

Hi all:
   Just a question.  I was trying to add in a code that counts the
number of deaths you get, so that each time you die, you have another
death show up on score.  I got it working, then tried using the same
format to make a "mobkills" counter.  The problem is that ever time I
try to run the mud, it shuts down with a segmentation fault.  It shuts
down right when the menu comes up with like "start a new game" and "del
your char" etc.  Is there something I messed up here?  I just did
exactly what I did with my death counter (with a diff part in fight.c of
course) but I think the problem must be somewhere that I'm not thinking
of.....It doesn't seem to be able to create a player, maybe the pfile
has a limited number of variables?  If so, how do I fix it?  Thanx for
your help.
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