Re: [Code] Pfile problem

From: Erik (
Date: 09/13/96

  We use sh_int SAVE_VERSION in all our pfiles. Thus, when we make major 
changes, its merely as difficult as adding an if SAVE_VERSION < x, read 
this, else read that. All players will get saved as the newest version.
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On Sat, 14 Sep 1996, jubjub wrote:

> Hey all:
>    I was wondering if anyone knew how to modify, or at least read the
> player files.  See, I incorporated a death and mobkill counter, but I am
> having a great deal of trouble getting the new structs to work with my
> current player file.  Is there any way to "update" it?  I am doubting
> that that is too likely, and that I will need to wipe the pfile, so I
> had another question.  Is there some way that I can look at the
> passwords, etc in the pfile?  All the gods get on at diff times, so it
> would be a real hassle manually re-advancing all of them, and doing it
> with some kinda code word is too risky.  Please send me any ideas you
> have on either of these to prospects.
>    One last thing.  I would REALLY appreciate a copy of the clan code
> put on here a while ago.  Will someone please send that my way?  Thanx.
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